It is Our Job to Help You

In a crowded recruiting marketplace, you may be wondering what sets us apart from our competitors.

Fortunately, our industry knowledge, private network of candidates and employers, and our commitment to the recruiting process, helps us to leave other recruiting firms behind.

Industry Knowledge

 There’s a motive behind our choice to only recruit in a selective cluster of industries.

It’s because we know them inside and out, thanks to decades of experience in being in the position of both candidate and hiring manager within these growing business sectors.

This unrivaled in-depth knowledge of our chosen industries gives us an unparalleled understanding of what you are looking for as a company or what you might be aiming to achieve as a candidate.

Access to Candidates and Positions No One Else Knows About

 With the ever-increasing skills gap, companies like yours are finding it progressively more difficult to locate candidates with the necessary talents to fill vacant positions.

We’ve solved that problem by using our industry expertise to painstakingly build our very own private pool of passive job seekers who aren’t sending out their resumes to anyone.

Better still, they’ve all got the necessary skills to fill the voids left by your departing employees.

In an economy where every talented individual is fought over by several companies, you need to get ahead of the game by securing talent that no one else knows is available.

Similarly, as a candidate, our leveraged client network provides you with early access to jobs that don’t yet exist. We can present you with opportunities that are too good to turn down, even if you aren’t actively on the lookout for a new challenge.

There for Every Step of the Process

 No leader in the recruiting industry can maintain their position without serious commitment to both their clients and their candidates.

That’s why we take all of the hassle out of recruiting by carrying out a full and thorough screening process with our candidates.

We assure candidate excellence through phone screening, face-to-face interviews and reference verifications. All you have to assess is the candidate’s ability to fit in at your company, since their talent is guaranteed.

During the screening process, we spend time listening to you, the candidate, in order to better understand your personal goals and career objectives.

We never bother you with roles that we know don’t fit your criteria, and once we place you into a role, we will always be there for support and guidance long after you’ve settled into your new environment.

Finally, we provide you with total peace of mind guarantee that if something goes wrong with a placement (concerning either party), we will continue to work with you until we’ve found a solution you are happy with along with our no-questions asked hiring guarantee.

In brief, by enlisting the skills of Offer Accept, you know you are going to receive a recruiting and hiring service you can depend upon.